Partner Marketing Programs

Travelocity Incentives would propose making a unique offer to the Company Alpha* customers as follows:

Purchase a $100.00 Travelocity Hotel Gift Card** and get a FREE $25.00 Company Alpha Gift Card!

HOW IT WORKS: The Company Alpha customer would be directed to a unique website/storefront built and hosted by Travelocity Incentives for the purchase of the offer. Upon purchasing the Travelocity Hotel Gift Card for $100.00 they would digitally receive the Travelocity e-gift card and then be prompted to provide a physical address to receive or gift their FREE $25.00 Company Alpha Card. If Company Alpha prefers they can use an e-certificate as well. If we fulfill the card for Company Alpha we would do so through a third party.

**The Travelocity Hotel Gift Card would be valid for online reservations at 55,000 hotels worldwide at Reservations would require a two night minimum stay, a minimum spend of $150.00, and there is a limit of one promo code per booking.

Travelocity Incentives would be responsible for the cost of the Company Alpha Gift Card, less any normal B2B discount.

In addition, as an incentive to Company Alpha for providing the marketing of the program either online, through email marketing, in-store, or otherwise, Travelocity Incentives would pay Bass Pro Shops a fee of 10% of every card sold either in cash, or if Company Alpha prefers, as funding for Company Alpha Rewards points to the purchaser.

*Company Alpha is an example for any partnership with a partnering company.

Product Amount Min Limits Expiration
Purchase a Travelocity Gift Card $100 2 night stay min. AND spend a min. of $150.00 Limit one code per booking. Minimum spend. Varies upon use and program.

Travelocity Hotel Gift Cards may be used for hotel bookings at 55,000 Hotels Worldwide online.